Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For B2B, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can't compare to generating buzz.

A potential client called the other day frustrated that she was spending a fortune on very expensive keywords but she wasn't seeing sales increase. "Let's take a look at a few things" I suggested. Were the keywords relevant? Yes, indeed they were. Some cost as much as $20 per click. Where do the clicks bring the potential customer? "To my website, of course" was her answer. Not to a landing page with an offer or a call-to-action? No. So the visitor must now navigate to find what exactly they were actually looking for in the first place? Yes.

OK, you get the picture. There are at least a few problems in that scenario that need to be addressed. First and foremost is the whole idea of buying keywords. A recent study by Marketing Serpa and Enquiro Reseach show almost 91% of users will ignore and actually avoid paid results.
Think about your own search habits and you'll probably agree. So buying keywords will attract just 9% of the people looking for you. 91% of them are searching the organic results. If your site is well optimized, you have a strong presence in the blogosphere and you're rabidly active on Facebook and Twitter chances are your site will be right there at the top of the organic results, right below those expensive links that less-savvy marketers are paying for. If you're not doing all those things, your competition probably is so they'll be the ones getting found.

So, you've been found, great. Do you invite someone into your place of business then expect them to search some more for what they're trying to buy or do you take them directly to the product, service or offering? That's wher custom landing pages come in handy. They're searching for a very specialized widget...CLICK! Look? Specialized widgets as far as the eye can see! Get it? Good.

Start blogging, optimize your site, choose keywords that you have a chance of being found with, and create custom landing pages that link to those keywords. If you're relying on PPC-only, then at the very least have a uber-relevant landing page for that very expensive click to land on. That or very deep pockets!

If your organization has a sales department, you need Honey's attraction-based, inbound marketing solution. Get found. Get leads. Get sales.

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